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Dad had a shitload of Aerosmyth, so gradually I loved their work. Especially when Just Push Play came out in Highschool.

  04-03-2015, 22:25

The sun is definitely the most piece of shit planet there is.

  04-03-2015, 22:06

Jupiter is without a doubt the worst planet on Earth and if you don't agree, you can go fuck yourself. Floating around like it owns the place. Fuck Jupiter.

  04-03-2015, 22:05
 My opinion.

In your own brain, you can accept it, or spend the rest of your life struggling with the idea that other people aren't going to make the same choices you make, because they value different things at different times than you do.

  04-03-2015, 22:02
 WTF was i thinking.

tattoos are a double edge sword. the people on here that say "oh youll regret that" well fuck off cunt.

  04-03-2015, 21:58
 Some stuff.

I don't like buying shit so I recycled some stuff.

  04-03-2015, 21:03
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